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Dance Registration 

Fall Dance Season 
Cost $225.00
(cost includes Recital Costume, Recital Tights, Recital Shirt and minimum of 20 classes)
Runs Sept 2022 - April 2023
Classes meet one night a week for 50 minutes. 
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Creative Movement, Modern, Hip Hop, Pointe/Pre-Pointe (teacher approval), and Adult Jazz
**See Registration Info Tab for more Details**

There has been some confusion with the Fall Registration in regards to days and time slots for the classes. Because our program DOES NOT preset our days and times for classes during registration due to the fact we do not find out where and when classes will be until early September, GO Motion has set a default day and time. The default Day and Times for Classes are on SUNDAY for the early morning hours. Classes WILL NOT be held on this day or times and you are not able to change them when you register. You will be notified in Early September when classes will be. If you have a scheduling conflict there is a section on your Childs registration to enter the conflict and we will do our best to accommodate you.