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Winter/Spring Dance Class Registration

ALL IN-Person Dance Classes Are Cancelled for Winter/Spring. 


We are offering a 10 week Winter/Spring Virtual Dance Class that will start the week of Feb 8th. 

The cost for these classes are $80.00 (plus registration processing fee) per class per dancer.


The classes will be approximately 50 minutes long (younger aged classes may be shorter) and will meet 1 day a week.  As of now we are unsure what day or time each class will be held.  It will be determined on the number of dancers enrolled in the class and teacher availability.  However on the registration form there is a section for you to indicate the days and times you child IS NOT AVAILABLE.


The classes that we are offering are:





Pointe (teacher approval needed) **This registration will be put on Waitlist for Approval**

COMBO Dance **Elementary School Children ONLY**  this class will be a combo of Ballet, Tap and Jazz.


Please note for Tap Classes--tap shoes are preferred but not required.  Also it is recommended that you have a hard surface for them to practice on.  It can be a piece of plywood, concrete floor, garage, etc some place where the flooring will not get scuffed up easily.


REFUND POLICY-- Refunds will be given if the class you sign up for  does not meet the minimum enrollment for that class.  Refunds will be given if we are not able to accommodate a time or day that fits your schedule for your child's class.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN if you  child drops out of the class after the session has started.   


At this time we can not guarantee what teacher will be teaching what class or what day or time.