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Dance Registration for 2022-2023

Class Descriptions

Ballet-Ages 4 years and up.   Ballet is a graceful type of dance that uses carefully organized movements to tell a story or express a feeling or movement.  Ballet is considered the foundation of all types of dance.

Creative Movement--Ages 3 & 4 years old.  Creative Movement is a fun introduction to dance by teaching the dancers how to translate music to dance movements.  This is a fun and energetic dance class for our youngest dancers.

Tap-- Ages 4 years and up.  Tap is a dance that uses rhythm made by the noise that the dancer's shoes make on the floor.  The noises that the dancers create are made by the metal taps on the heels and toes of their shoes.

JAZZ--Ages 4 years and up.  Jazz combines several forms of dance emphasizing on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style all set to jazz music.

Ballet/Tap Combo Class--4 year olds ONLY.  This is a COMBO Ballet/Tap Class for 4 Years Old Only.  This class is for dancers that are transitioning out of Creative Movement and new dancers that are not certain whether to go into Ballet or Tap. This class will cover both Ballet and Tap and dancers will be taught a routine for both styles and each routine will be performed at Recital.   This class cost more due to 2 costumes will be given

Modern/Lyrical Dance -- 8 years old and up (must be entering 3rd grade in the Fall) with 2 years previous dance experience (one of those years must be ballet, unless you were in HdG lyrical/modern class already). 
Modern/Lyrical Dance is an expressive type of dance that uses ballet technique to interpret the lyrics of the song through movement. ​

Hip Hop-  Classes are for children ages 7 and up (must be entering Second grade in the fall) with at least 2 years dance experience.
Hip Hop is a style of street dancing that is set to Hip Hop Music.

Pointe Class--INVITATION ONLY by the Ballet Teachers. Per Dance Teacher: Dancer must be enrolled in Ballet in order to be enrolled in Pointe 



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